Individual Reflections

Bhakti :
Pre-Flagship Programme :

Day 1 :
Today I was really amused and impressed by the activities we got to perform out while carrying out our projects. For example, during the fastest ball challenge, Dr Ho's lecture was really interesting and captivating. I gained knowledge about energy and forces that act on the ball as the angle of elevation variates. We were also allowed to compete with the other teams for smaller activities within our project group itself. My group had won one of them and we were awarded with the 3D printed objects. This also raised my curiosity for the project. Although for the extraction of caffeine challenge we had just started today. By the equipments we got to observe today I am sure that tomorrow will be a great day to look forward to...

Daris :

Pre-Flagship Programme:
I was scared that our results would not turn out as what I thought as I keep thinking that the project is for Older Kids and not us, but seems like it was easier than I thought so. But still the main part is whether I can apply what I learn here back in school and also what I learnt in school there. :)

Day 1:
It was a very fun day compared to what I was thinking it like how it should be. :) It was a very great experience with the Professors as they are friendly and warm towards us and welcome alot of questions & doubts. We learnt new formulas and gained new knowledge through the Fastest Ball Challenge and we also learnt a little bit more about Caffeine. It was a meaningful & great day all in all. xD

Ashley :

Pre-Flagship Programme:
I was very excited knowing that we were going to NTU. Through this flagship programme, I hope to have better relationships with my teammates. I also hope to gain new and more knowledge through this experiments. I hope that the new knowledges that I have learned from this programme would be useful for school.

Day 1:

We did the fastest ball challenge and the fastest dive challenge. I learned more about physics through this challenge. We were tasked to place a ball on a slope and release it. We were told to use the smart timer and photogates to record the timing of the ball, by using the smart timer and photogates I realised that the stopwatch is much more inaccurate then the smart timer and photogates. I learned that the speed of the ball differs when the angle of the slope is different. For the fastest dive challenge, we were told to pick different sizes of balls and different shapes and drop it into soap and see which ball and shape reaches the bottom first. The professor was also very friendly and patient when teaching us how to carry out the experiment and while explaining the formulas to us.

Day 2:

We did the extraction of caffeine today. The experiment was a fun and interesting one, I got to learn more about the equipments around.The professors were very friendly and patient. I learned the negative and positive effects on caffeine.

Sakshi :

Pre-Flagship Programme
I am excited for the flagship programme because the prospect of receiving education at a university is huge. We are just secondary school students and will be taught by experienced professors which is a great honour to us. I wish to gather information that I can learn which was be extremely useful to me in my future. I might also get to experience university life and its way of learning.

Day 1:      
We did the fastest ball challenge today. It is an interactive challenge and it made me realise on that day that in reality, there is more to physics than in classrooms. The activities were very hands-on resulting in us having fun and receiving information in a engaging way at the same time. We learnt how to calculate weight which is calculated by the formula w=mg. We also learnt that if there is a greater amount of weight, then the velocity of the object will be greater. We also learnt that the speed of the object differs if there is a greater amount of inclination of the slope/the slope is steeper. We learnt how to use photogates which is a great way to calculate the speed of the ball and it is extremely accurate.

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